Very slim ultra portable powerbank the FLIPCARD by TYLT

Familiar with TYLT yet? I’ve talked about many of their products over the course of several years and by far they keep on coming with new ideas and interesting products that will make my life easier, but what’s more important, your life easier! This time around, I’m going to talk to you about the FLIPCARD!
FLIPCARD by TYLT reviewed by Martin Guay
What’s the FLIPCARD? It’s a really slim form factor powerbank that’s the size of men’s wallet. The dimensions are about the same and the profile view of the FLIPCARD is similar to what most men would carry as you can see from the pictures.
FLIPCARD by TYLT reviewed by Martin Guay pic3FLIPCARD by TYLT reviewed by Martin Guay pic3
The FLIPCARD comes in your favourite variety; Lightning, Micro USB and Type-C. It holds 5000 mAh of power which can charge current smartphones up to almost 2 times. The charge time for the FLIPCARD takes on average 1 hour 30 minutes when connected to a power source that delivers 2.4A.
What kind of output to expect? The standard 2.4A, I feel that at this time, TYLT could have innovated further by including “Quick Charge” technology for devices that supports it while also provide the “Fast Charge” factor for USB Type-C devices. With that said, I don’t think that 2.4A is a bad thing either, I can easily put this in my pocket and charge my phone while I’m shopping and it’s pretty easy to fit in any pocket, although you may want to avoid skinny pants.
The goal of portable power solution is to provide you with the needed power to make sure you do not run out of juice when you really need your smartphone. Many of us have become used to carrying a wall charger or a USB dongle with us to charge ourselves up, but in the event that you’re on the go, its kind of hard to charge up. This is where a gadget such as the FLIPCARD becomes useful and this is one of the reasons why I carry one with me all the time when I’m moving around the city. Wall chargers are great for when you know you can be at the same location for a long period of time and this removes the barrier of having to be at one single location.
Throw into your pocket walk around the city, the countryside, the lake or go for a bike ride, you’ll still have plenty of power to keep you going. Of course, you could always juice up before you leave for whatever activity you’ll be doing, however, I’ve noticed that most of us don’t really pay attention to our power level until it’s that time where it’s pretty low.
TYLT has priced the FLIPCARD at $49.99 which is overpriced. Unfortunately, TYLT doesn’t get a passing grade due to the cost of this powerbank. If I were to spend $50 on a portable charger I would be looking at alternatives that are available to me on the market. For the price that the FLIPCARD is, you can easily find yourself alternative that will deliver more power and offer “Quick Charge”.
Where TYLT does excel, is the form factor and being able to deliver wallet size power at 5000 mAh which you can easily carry with you in your pocket.
FLIPCARD by TYLT reviewed by Martin Guay pic3FLIPCARD by TYLT reviewed by Martin Guay pic3
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