Speck cases for the Galaxy S8+

+Martin Guay informed you all about the availability of the Speck line up of cases for the Galaxy S8, and I wanted to show you what they looked like on the phone.

The 2 we were given was the Presidio and the Presidio Grip.  I only got the 'grip' variant for the Plus phone, so I didn't get to do the non-grip.  The difference being the grip variant offers some rubber 'nubbies' on the back so it's easier to hold.  They come out to the same price of $45USD, so it's not cheap.  But it does offer some good tech for it's protection.

It doesn't look too bad either.  It's a little bigger (wider) and a little bigger lip over the edge.  To me, it's a little bulkier and can feel it on the edge.  It also means the 'camera well' is a little deeper, which would be okay, however with the fingerprint sensor, making it a little tricker to reach.

A little bit of a trade off for a much sturdier case to protect your device.  Your call.

Stay tuned, we have a few cases to give away!