Samsung's new Gear 360 and DeX to be available Friday May 26

So, the new Galaxy S8 series is out.  I'm eager to try it out myself.  And some of the newer accessories are now hitting the market.

Of all the accessories that I've run into in the past while, Samsung is making available my 2 favourite types.

First up, is the 360 camera.  I loved the Cam 360 from LG and definitely want one of my own.

It will go for $350 and can be purchased from places like BestBuy

Next is my dream accessory - a device that will allow you to turn your phone into your computer.

The Samsung DeX will let you dock the phone, and then you can plug that into a monitor and have a 'desktop mode' you can use on the big screen.  Same files, everything.  LOVE IT.  I've wanted something like this since the Moto RAZR dock.

Connect your own keyboard or mouse and you're not having to switch back and forth all day from laptop to phone.

And it'll be $250 available at places like TheSource.

You can read the press release below:

Samsung Gear 360 (2017): The new Samsung Gear 360 is a 4K resolution-capable 360-degree camera with a refined, lightweight and compact design. With the new Gear 360, Samsung has introduced enhanced features including expanded compatibility and real-time content sharing so users can seamlessly share, view, and edit high resolution content on the go.
Samsung DeX: Designed to provide the ultimate productivity for mobile professionals while reducing the need to carry multiple computing devices, the Samsung DeX station provides a desktop-like experience and enables users to easily access apps, edit documents, reply to messages and more, with the added convenience of a larger display, keyboard and mouse.