Google Assistant will now let you type

So, as we heard yesterday at Google I/O, the Google Assistant is going to get smarter and better.

One of those ways was something that really made me hate the Google Now replacement: the fact that I HAD to use my voice.  It's not often that I'm somewhere when I want to do a quick Google search that it's quiet enough for my voice.

Like right now, I'm in a conference and I wanted to Google a town, but previously I could hold down home and get the search bar and just type the name in, whereever I was in my phone.  Now, if I do that I'd have to interrupt everybody around me by speaking to my phone.  Or, hit home, go find the Google search bar or go to the Maps app.

Not convenient.

Today, I got the server side update and I have the option to hit the keyboard button and type in my search request.