USB-C to C cable from ICZI for $11

So, with USB-C becoming more and more prevalent you're going to need some new cables.  I foresee that this new Galaxy S8 is going to be super popular (have about a dozen friends who've already picked theirs up) and they're going to need new cables.

Recently, I showed off a pack from ICZI that you should definitely look into.

But it's not just phones that are adopting USB-C. You're also seeing Macbooks and Chroomebooks start to use it.  So if you want to plug in your device, you could use an adapter like I've shown previously or just go and get a C-C cable, like this one.

I have a Nomad Roadtrip which has a USB port, but also a C port.  Never got to use it before, until now.

The regular port is on the side of the device so always made it somewhat awkward to plug in.  The C is on the 'end' which makes way more sense to me.

Now, for this $11 cable, it still works with QC2.0+ and, my favourite, it comes with a little velcro cable to keep the cord all managed.  Super life saver that is.

So, whether you've got a wall wort like this Choetech that has USB-C, or you've got a newer laptop that has it, you'll want to pick up an appropriate cord.

$11 is a good investment for this as it's not any cheap cord.  It is quality.  I've replaced my microUSB cables all out now with these from ICZI.