Solar charging with the Anker PowerPort Solar

I have always wanted a solar charger because we holiday where a power converter is required. This year I finally took the plunge and purchased a PowerPort Solar by Anker.

It doesn't take a lot of sunshine to activate the charging ability of this 21W solar panel although the more direct the sun exposure, the faster your battery will charge. Attached to the solar panel is a duel port IQ USB unit with an LED that indicates when there is sufficient light to charge. While you can charge 2 devices at the same time, there is limited energy so each device charges slower.

I charged my S6 and my Tab S2 directly from the Anker but mostly charged external batteries so I could recharge devices at leisure. Because I was in the tropics, I overheated my phone from sitting it out in the sun - note to self, always put devices in a towel in the shade. Usually by the time we got back from being out for the morning a 5200 mAh battery would be fully recharged.

Would I purchase again? Absolutely.