Roku announces SnackSuggest

Who doesn't love to binge a TV show... and I do most of my binging on Roku, so it's only natural that this comes out.

Here's from their press release that came out yesterday:

Starting tomorrowApril 1, Roku is introducing SnackSuggest – an exciting new feature designed to suggest snack pairings to match your tastes and what TV show or movie you’re watching. The full blog post, also available on, is below:

Introducing Roku SnackSuggest: For All Your Binging Cravings

Hey everyone! There’s nothing more satisfying than a hearty serving of your favorite show with a tasty treat to ease your streaming appetite. We know what moves streamers like no one else and we’re always seeking improvements for your streaming experience. Today, we’re very excited to announce a great new feature that will benefit all of you streamers: Roku SnackSuggest.

Starting April 1, all Roku devices and the Roku mobile app will be updated with Roku SnackSuggest, a new feature that will suggest snack pairings to any TV show or movie. Like a fine wine and cheese pairing, the goal of Roku SnackSuggest is to bring together your favorite entertainment with complementary snack suggestions that enhance and elevate your streaming appetite. You can even use Roku SnackSuggest with features such as private listening and night mode so your streaming spree can continue while everyone else goes to bed!
You can enable SnackSuggest in the settings menu of your Roku streaming device, where you can also set preferences for you and your family to ensure our recommendations are even more spot on:

  • Personal Information:
Enter your gender, age, weight, height and other personal details to help us find the right snack suggestion based on Body Mass Index and other calculations.

  • Taste Preference:
Are you more of a sweet, healthy, salty, spicy, bitter or umami type? Fancy Mexican, Thai or BBQ? Pick one of the 180+ taste preferences, which will help us recommend the right snack for you. Not sure what you like or lack an opinion today? Take our SnackSuggest Suggestion Survey and let our SnackSuggest Suggestion Engine recommend some tastes based on your taste peers.

  • Dietary/Allergy Requirements:
Are you on a diet? Do you have an allergy? No worries we have you covered. Select from our extensive list of 120+ diets, including: Paleo, Vegan, Gluten free, Pescaratarian, Lacto-ovo vegetarian and many others.

Our consumer research into the snack behavior of streamers revealed several astonishing facts:
  • The average time paused for a snack run to the kitchen is 27.53 seconds
  • The frequency of snack runs surges after exactly 3.785 episodes of a TV show
  • The average streamer snacks on at least 3 types of snacks during a single streaming session
  • Spicy treats are preferred for dramas while sweet goodies are preferred for sitcoms
  • A streamer will ask someone watching a show with them if they are hungry 12.2 times during a binge marathon

You’re almost ready for your next binge session. Be sure to use Roku SnackSuggest via the Roku mobile app during your next trip to the supermarket so you can stock the fridge and pantry with all the Roku suggested noshes and nibbles! Are you as excited for Roku SnackSuggest as we are?

Happy Streaming!

Note: Yes, this is Roku’s April Fool’s joke and not a real feature.