LIFEPOWR A3 on IndieGoGo just launched and reached 72% of their goal in 4 days!

This Game-Changer in Power Technology Will Power All Your Devices with Only 1 Cable

World’s first USB-C Power Deliver Pack reached 72% of goal on IndieGoGo within 4 days

- The LIFEPOWR A3 will disconnect you from the grid and make your life much easier -
- It is the world’s first portable battery pack fully integrating USB-C Power Delivery -
- USB-C PD is the newest technology of data and power transfer -
- Already 72% funded by 160 backers on IndieGoGo within 4 days of campaigning -

ANTWERP, BELGIUM: Belgian energy company LIFEPOWR has just launched the LIFEPOWR A3 on crowdfund platform IndieGoGo. It’s the world’s first powerbank to fully integrate the new USB-C Power Delivery technology up to 100W. Up until now, other powerbank manufacturers have only managed to integrate USB-C up to 30W. USB-C is the new standard connector, making other chargers and cables obsolete. Besides two USB-C PD ports, the A3 also features a standard 120W AC outlet (!), two USB-A ports and Quick Charge 3.0 technology. The LIFEPOWR A3 is quickly gaining funds on IndieGoGo. After the first 24 hours of campaigning the A3 was already funded for 30%. LIFEPOWR needs to raise at least 35k to be able to go into production.

It all started in a mission to disconnect people from the grid and help them achieve true freedom. Founder & CEO Dries Bols invented the LIFEPOWR A2, the predecessor of the LIFEPOWR A3, on one of his outdoor music productions. It was the perfect small generator for easy power on location, with the build in AC/DC converter and capacity of 99.9Wh. Small enough to carry everywhere, strong enough to power amplifiers, speakers, audio mixers, microphones and more. Funded on IndieGoGo two years ago, the A2 is currently being used by thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. But with the introduction of USB-C in the tech world, it was necessary to improve.
What will USB-C add to our lives? 
  • It’s compatible with other technology standards like Thunderbolt 3, USB 3.1 and Power Delivery, resulting in faster data rates and a bigger power transfer.
  • It’s small, reversible, multi-functional and universal, making other cables obsolete
  • It’s bi-directional; it can send and receive data and power.
  • The campaign will last one month, after this, the A3 will enter its final development phases and go into production. It is expected to be delivered to the backers in November 2017.