Galaxy S8/S8+ cases from VRS Designs

So the Galaxy S8 is out and ready for pre-order and the first thing I tend to do with a new phone on its way is to check out all the accessories I could pick up for it.

Sure, if you pre-order now, you'll get the Gear VR for free.  But what other accessories should you get?  There are screen protectors, there are chargers and cables (if you've been a long time Galaxy fan, then getting USB-C will be new for you... so stock up to replace your chargers).

For others, a case is a must.  I'm not a big case fan personally, but I see the value of wanting to protect your investment.

To that end, I have had VRS Designs send over a couple samples for you to consider.

There are several options they have, but I was sent 2 options, a "crystal bumper" and a "simpli mod".  The "crystal bumper" is $30USD and the leather "simpli mod" is just $25USD.  Irrespective of which model you buy for.

The Simpli version has a very thin case with a leather back on top of a harder plastic.  There are gaps on the side for the buttons (hey Bixby).  There are also some 'slots' there so that you can snap the phone in without it compromising the plastic case.

The crystal bumper is a typical TPU style case over the phone but adds in a thin rigid strip of plastic to give it a bit of rigidity to it.

Either will be a cool addition (personally, I'd opt for the Damda version).  The big question, as I've had with the Galaxy Edge devices in the past, was how will a case inhibit or affect the 'edge'.

When I get my review unit I'll do some hands on review and be offering a giveaway!

Stay tuned!

Source:  Galaxy S8 Plus | Galaxy S8