Review: XTORM USB-C Power Bank Discover sends 17 000 mAh your way!

Got on the heels of XTORM a little while ago, not knowing what I wanted out of them and also since they are from the Netherlands, I wasn’t what product they carried for Canada. Turns out they carry a bit of everything! This led me to get my hands on the Discover 17 000 mAh power bank!

This looks like one of those devices that made sure to carry everything anyone could need, why? It has 3 USB ports featuring 1 Quick Charge 3.0, 1 USB-C and one USB smart port that can deliver up to 2.4A. Anyone with any device should be able to get the maximum charging speed out of this baby­. The Discover 17 000 comes with its own micro-USB cable which should suffice for most, but, now that USB-C is becoming a “real” thing, you’ll also find yourself with an extra micro-USB and USB-C cable which should accommodate all the needs you may have.

This beast of portable charger offers a LED light display that is split into 4 quadrants allowing to see the level of the battery by 25% increment. The power bank itself feels rugged, durable and the nice grey and white texture is pretty slick. I’ve used it to charge one of my tablet and smartphones at the same time while at the coffee shop, quite handy when you can’t get a power outlet.

The cost of the XTORM USB-C Power Bank Discover is on the high-end of things, you are looking at shelling out 85 Euro for it, this roughly converts to $121 CAD. I know you can get alternative out there which will be cheaper. On the other side of things, you get a 2-year warranty and you already know that it’s airport approved for travelling.
Nothing beats being prepared like having the power to charge your stuff when you need to, we live in a connected world where everything runs on battery. If it’s not your smartphone, you may be using a pair of Bluetooth headphones and that fitbit you have will eventually need some power and god knows we don’t all think about dropping it to charge it.
Even with its high price tag, this is still one of the chargers I’d recommend you add to your travelling bags.