Fosmon tempered GLASS is seriously slick and very nice to look at!

It’s Fosmon tempered glass for the Nexus 6P, however, Fosmon offers other tempered glass solution for many smartphone devices. They come highly rated among some of the “BEST” options available for the price. Coming under $10 CAD on Amazon Canada, this is a steal!

Fosmon tempered glass offers 9H hardness, which is highly resistant to scratch, damages and it’s an extra layer of defence for the clumsy in all of us, making sure that we don’t actually crack the screen. To me this sounds like a “PERFECT” reason to use one, however, some will argue that our current screen is tough enough.
This specific one offers oleophobic coating which helps at preventing fingerprints all over the screen, it, however, doesn’t prevent the screen from getting dirty or smudgy. It also offers to enhance sensitivity to touch and provides you with a clear view of your screen.
Applying the screen protector is “EASY”, you simply need to ensure you wipe the screen down, use the alcohol wipe, scrubs and shine that screen. When you are ready, peel back the safety plastic and line up the holes and protector to the phones and gently apply and just remove the air bubbles if any.
That’s how easy it is to install. If you happen to have gathered some dust, take it off and use the dust removing stickers and go about applying it again.
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