What is LG going to do with that 2:1 screen ratio - have a peek

Just a few more days until LG finally takes the wraps off of their new G(X) device, the G6.  I'm so looking forward to it (trying to hear from LG about an event I can attend to check it out).

The interesting bit about this phone is that it'll be a 5.7" screen in a smaller body because of the 18:9 ratio (yes, I know ... 2:1), but how will they use it?

They've recently let out a little teaser video.

Notice the discussion of 'square'?  Notice the newsroom photo used above?  It looks like they'll be able to do a good job of really putting 2 squares next to each other for dual viewing.  Cool.

Also notice the rounding on everything?  Not sure I'm sold on that.

It'll be cool to see what else UX6.0 will have.

Are you as excited as I am?

Source:  http://www.lgnewsroom.com/2017/02/lg-g6-offers-ultimate-user-convenience-and-productivity-with-fullvision-display/