Play Store to get a new 'refresh' option for available updates

I have to admit, this will be awesome.  It's a small thing, but that's usually what I love Google for.  Making the small things have big impact.

So, currently, if I had the Play Store open up to the "Updates" section previously and I go back into it, it won't show me if there are any new updates.  I have to back out to the main Play Store page, and then slide out for the apps/updates again for it to reload.

Nothing painful, but one of those "that's odd".  I can't tell you how many times I have tried the pull down to refresh to find it doesn't work there.  Only way to trigger it to reload any options is to back out and go back in.

...and yes, I like to check for updates often!

Well, it looks like a new update is heading out to us so that we can just tap the button to actually trigger the reload ourself.


I don't see the new beta yet, but ... maybe an APK will be out soon.

Source: AndroidPolice