ZTE's crowdsourced idea phone is now called 'Hawkeye' and is up on Kickstarter

So, ZTE had this neat idea where they asked YOU, the consumer, what their next phone should have.

They labelled it "Project CSX", they held a vote for the top 5 choices, and then they picked an eye tracking, self-adhering phone.

They called this phone "Hawkeye", and it has 3 main features:

  • Splitscreen - it'll have a privacy mode where you can only really see the screen head on (they mentioned this in the initial project CSX, but it's not mentioned in the latest discussions tho'... I was most excited about that)
  • Senseeye - eye tracking to help you scroll (I could never get that to work well on the Galaxy devices)
  • and neatest of all would be the sticky backplate/case which would let it adhere to walls or such.

So, that's the phone, and now you can start them on the plan to building it.  By keeping with the theme of crowdsourcing, they're using Kickstarter and asking a goal of $500,000.  The reward of a phone and the adhesive case for $200.

That's only 2,500 phones to sell.

Now, I'm just a little skeptical, as $200 is pretty cheap and they don't really mention the specs of the phone other than

Unlocked, 2 SIM slots for multiple band support*
5.5" FHD display
Dual rear cameras with enhanced image and zoom capabilities
Hi-Fi audio
Fingerprint sensor
Large battery with quick charging capabilities
Expandable memory
Android Nougat operating system (+ upgradable to latest versions)

Not a lot to base a $200 purchase on.

And then the case is optional... so what are you really buying then?  A Galaxy S4 with fingerprint?

I'll wait to try it out before determining whether it's worth my money.  If I want that sticky thing, I have pugoo to use.

Source:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/856508640/zte-project-csx-phone-hands-free-eye-tracking-devi