What’s my take on the “ICE PLASMA SERIES GOOGLE PIXEL XL” from UAG?

There’s many selections on the market when it comes to cases, we can find anything from the cheap $5 TPU to a high-grade offer from the likes of UAG or others. 

It’s been over a week now since I got to test out the ICE Plasma series Google Pixel XL from UAG and I can from the get go tell you that there’s a decent grip and its firm.
The case offers a decent amount of production and shock absorption and can withstand a good 5 feet drop without worry. Granted, the idea is to protect “in case” you might drop it. Dropping it on purpose is counter productive. The button press is somewhat on a hit or miss and could be confusing at times to remember which side they are on at a quick glance.
Overall the design of the case was aesthetically pleasing, eye-catching and great to show-off. While this case lands a solid 4 out of 5, I’d still recommend it to people just for what it offers in protection. Sure the buttons are not easy to press in with the case, but that’s not too much of an issue for me.
Here’s the kicker, the ICE Plasma Series comes in at $39.95 USD, which is way more than I’d pay for a case. This is on the high side of what I’d consider paying for good protection.
ICE Plasma series UAGICE Plasma series UAGICE Plasma series UAG
ICE Plasma series UAGICE Plasma series UAG