The new LG G6 info ... or rumour? 18:9 ratio, Qi charging, QC4.0...

So, I have a struggle... every day I look at the phones on my desk and pick up my Moto Z.  I do, because I just love the mods.  It's got some issues still, it's not PERFECT (which phone is tho'?).

The struggle is that next to it is my LG G5.  Loved that phone.  Still do

The camera is awesome (feature I miss the most), size is just right.  Too bad about the mods tho'.

Well, the new G6 is around the corner, last year's came around April 1st, and even that was earlier than previous years.  This year's is heading to come out around the end of February (which makes sense as MWC is February 26), and then be ready for sale soon thereafter.  The thinking is that they probably want to get the device out quickly after what's being called a 'flop' of a phone, the G5 (not the words I'd use).

Well, the phone has had some details let out, and some rumours, let's take a look:

First up, we've heard that the new device will not only keep the QuadHD they've had since the G3, but it'll be a QHD+ device with an 18:9 display, a resolution of 2880x1440.  So, it should be a bit taller.  It'll also put the phone at 5.7".  That's quite a bit larger than the previous 5.3" phone, even bigger than the 2 previous at 5.5".  Hrmm... that might be a bit larger than I'd prefer.

See the press release from LG Display at the bottom (I'll highlight the bits I think are interesting)

The next bit comes in as it's to have QuickCharge 4.0 and have wireless charging.  This comes from a discussion I had with an accessory manufacturer who suggested that that rumour might have some merit, and how they'll be releasing some QC4.0 and Qi charging (note, Qi, not PMA) charging around the same time

Yes, that would be cool! It seems a QC 4.0 devices with wireless charger😊 
oh, yes, you are right, qi charging. 
Just rumours, but we will release some QC 4.0 chargers and new wireless chargers at that time.


Android Authority has done a good job of collating all the other rumours, if you'd like to take a look at their article:

Again, mostly rumours, so take it with a grain of salt.

Press release:

LG Display Develops World’s First QHD+ LCD with 18:9 Aspect Ratio for Smartphones

Seoul, Korea (Jan. 10, 2017) – LG Display, the world’s leading innovator of display technologies, announced today that it will introduce the world’s first 5.7-inch QHD+ LCD panel with a 18:9 aspect ratio, responding to growing consumer demand for bigger, better screens on smartphones.

The company will supply the panel to LG Electronics for its next flagship smartphone this year.

The most notable feature of the new mobile display is its “18:9 aspect ratio.” Displays, which take up the largest area of smartphones, have evolved from an aspect ratio of 4:3, to 3:2, 5:3 and 16:9; lately, a 17:9 ratio display has been introduced. Due to increasing consumer demands for bigger screens, LG Display developed the 18:9 aspect ratio display to provide more immersive viewing experiences.

The new 18:9 aspect ratio represents LG Display’s direction on how displays should evolve, while meeting the rising trend for watching videos on smartphones. The 18:9 aspect ratio is also optimized for multi-tasking, using dual-screen functions.

QHD refers to a resolution of 1,440x2,560 - four times the number of pixels on a standard HD display (720x1,280), which employs 538 Pixel per Inch (PPI), based on a 5.5-inch panel. LG Display’s new 5.7-inch panel called QHD+ has a resolution of 1,440x2,880 with 564 PPI, which is higher than conventional QHD LCDs.

The new product not only provides excellent touch responses, thanks to the company’s exclusive inTOUCH technology, but also helps achieve a thinner and lighter smartphone due to the absence of Touch Cover Glass. The module (excluding the cover glass) is super slim, being less than 1mm thick, and has reduced bezel width by 0.2mm (20 percent) on top, and by 0.54mm (10 percent) on the left and right sides, compared to conventional QHD LCDs.

LG Display has also improved the outdoor visibility of the panel by increasing transmittance by 10 percent, while reducing power consumption by 30 percent. Outdoor visibility and low-power consumption are major criteria for consumer choices for smartphones.

“We expect to maximize user experience and customer value through the super high-quality display with its new 18:9 aspect ratio, which sets it apart from conventional displays for smartphones,” said Dr. Byeong-koo Kim, Senior Vice President and Head of Mobile Development Group 1 at LG Display. “LG Display will continue to set new standards in premium mobile displays, based on its differentiated technology.”