Smart travel charger from RND featuring Type-C

The perfect travel companion is the latest RND Smart Travel Charger with One Type-C (USB-C) port and 3 USB ports 72W (7.4A) by RND which can be used  by Apple MacBook, Google (Pixel/Pixel XL), HTC 10, LG (G5/V20), Dell XPS, OnePlus (2/3) and all Type C devices.

I don't know if you're like me, but I usually travel with one and it's part of my tech bag for almost any travel I make. I think that since we all have several different devices that require charging or power of some sort via USB, this is the type of device you just need to have around.

RND has proven to be a reliable company with a great track record for customer support, information, warranty and exchange. They've been a pleasure to work with.

They are also keeping with the different tech trends and are making sure that everyone is covered when it comes to accessories. While this can be said of many other manufacturers in the same space as RND, it can't be said enough that customer service needs to be top-notch to stay at the top, but prices also need to reflect themselves properly and making sure to keep an eye out on competition in the field to ensure maximum potential and best value for consumers.

The following pictures give you a view of the device and it's capability to charge. You can see that there's a Sony Z2 that is changing rapidly, a Nexus 6P fast charging and a normal smart charge which offers a max of 2.4A for the tablet.

Our good friends over at RND are offering readers a coupon code that gives them 15% off their purchase. Code: AndroidC

You can find this device on the RND site via this link.