Roku's app just got better (find channels and movies easier and a better remote)

Image result for rokuI love my streaming ... I can't remember the last time I watched a live TV show or even a PVR'd one.

We have Kodi, but a lot of what we watch comes via our Roku set, with Netflix, Youtube or Google Play Movies.

For a while now Roku has had an app for their devices, and it was nice to be able to use it here and there (mostly to annoy my son when we've told him no more watching and I can exit out of Youtube with the phone from another room).

It worked, but a lot of the options weren't as easy to get to.

Yesterday they updated the app and it's now a lot more straight forward.

The options to sort through are tabbed along the bottom (it's more iOS style, personally, I prefer along the top).

The first option deals with your channels.  It has 2 tabs at the top.  The first is "my channels" and then there's the "channel store" where you can shop/download other channels to add to your device.  It's nice to see the channels that are on your Roku already.

Then there's the universal search feature, geared at finding 'what's on', so you can search their database to find a movie, follow a show, or even actors/actresses.

Then, my favourite update is the remote.  I don't think we had this good a remote interface prior, so it's really nice that it looks like the actual remote (except on my Roku 3, the OK is below the D-pad).

As before, there's also the "Play on Roku" option to cast media from your phone to the device.

All in all, pretty much all the same features, but now just way easier to use, much more intuitive.

Well done!
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