Newest Samsung AMOLED screen almost has no bezel

Samsung has been striving to improve the user experience in every way they can and I for one haven't been a fan of Samsung for years now. Mostly due to their poor customer. Aside from that, their devices have been getting better. The TouchWiz interface has gotten faster, smoother, better and for the most part, the consumers are liking it.

In the process of enhancing the experience, consumers, experienced users, expert have been claiming for a more bezel-less display for a number of years now. Samsung is doing just that with their newest AMOLED panel.

With the Note 7 being a complete fiasco of worldwide proportion, they have a lot riding on the upcoming Galaxy S8 and introducing something to the consumer market that's been asked of manufacturers such as Samsung, might just be the push they need to get the fans back.

For myself, if they want me back, they'll need to smarten their customer service up a lot, home button needs to go, screen real estate, properly implementing the onscreen buttons and making sure that the overall menu experience of what TouchWiz is left with little to no bloat and closer to an AOSP feel would be much appreciated.