Google's Gboard app now at half a billion downloads

Cover artThat's a billion... with a B.

Well, half a billion.  Half a billion people have downloaded the Google Keyboard onto their phone (whether it's their main keyboard is another discussion).

Sure, some of those are probably due to the fact that some phones just pre-install Google's keyboard.  Lenovo's Moto phones, or Nexus/Pixel phones, etc..., so a lot of those installs are from devices that had the regular Google Keyboard installed (because they just updated the app and changed the name).

That aside, I still say it's my favourite - but it still has a ways to go (see my review here) and this is just another milestone in the road for them.

Just for kicks, Swiftkey and TouchPal are both at the 50-100M installs, Swype is 1-5M, whereas Go is at 100-500M.  Impressive.

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