Possibly the best BT in-ear headphones in its class

If you have a need for an inexpensive in-ear pair of Bluetooth headphones you want to turn your attention to the EPIC 2 from JLab Audio. They wanted to separate themselves from their competition and I think they've succeeded.

It offers up to 12-hours of play time and is listed as the best in its class. This set is rated IPX5 which is splashproof which includes sweat and rain. The proprietary design has given JLab an edge vs the competition.

There's a lot of technology going into the EPIC 2 such as the BEACON Signal which offers radical skip-free sound, now this might not mean much to you but I can attest to the skip free/interference you'd get with most BT headset.

When it comes to delivery sound here's what I can tell you; Playing my typical long list of EDM I can safely say the low's are nice, hard, driven and come in clearly and aren't overpowered or muffled. The range allows them to expand.

Playing some Christmas song has allowed me to explore the mid's and high's with the vocals and I've been able to enjoy the range it could reach, the mid's are performing quite well without being to recess, they do come in naturally. The highs that I noted while testing them out were heartfelt and could be improved slightly to avoid the high breakpoint that a lot of headsets suffers from.

Overall experience deserves a 4.5 out of 5. I enjoyed the experience that JLab Audio provided and I would definitely recommend this headset for people who are active on a daily basis. Perfect to throw into any backpack.

The headset comes with numerous interchangeable tips and s carrying case for it. It would hard not to find the perfect fit for anyone!

The EPIC 2 are $99,99 USD which could put them out of reach of a bunch of people, however, I think the price is justified.