Moto's working to help you get your fill of Mods in 2017

So yesterday, I shared with you that the Hasselblad mod for the Moto Z series was used for a major photo shoot, showing you the power of mods.

Moto's really excited to keep this momentum going and in a discussion that CNET had with Lenovo's director of Moto mods as John Touvannas suggests that there could be up to 12 new mods coming in the new year.

That's crazy awesome.

So far we have:

  1. Incipio Battery Pack
  2. Hasselblad True Zoom
  3. Insta-share Projector
  4. JBL SoundBooz
And coming out soon are a Mophie battery pack and an Incipio car dock.  Couple that with the concept they're working with Indiegogo to help get your mod developed faster, the future looks pretty bright for mods.

So what are some of the suggestions that John might have for the next batch of mods?

In no particular order:

  1. 5G Modem
  2. Alarm Clock
  3. Baby care mod
  4. Breathalyzer
  5. Colour sensor
  6. E-reader screen
  7. External storage
  8. LED lights
  9. Game controller
  10. Measurement tool
  11. Remote control
  12. Secondary display

Man, if they could help bring back my IR remote for my home theatre, that'd be awesome!!

Source:  C|Net