Google's new/old keyboard - Gboard

Cover artSo, for work I use an iPhone, and months ago Google launched Gboard on iOS.  I love it, and for the longest time lamented that I couldn't have the same on my Android.

There were clones, but they didn't work quite the same.

Then, Google renamed the Google Keyboard to Gboard, and it was to be the same.

It is...

...and it isn't.

If you've not used hte iOS version, you'd never know, but it actually is quite easier to search through with the iOS one.  Do a search and you get multiple results you can scroll through and pick the right item to incorporate, with Android, you only get one web hit.

On iOS you can search and then have options to switch between web hits or image results or gifs.

With Android there's no image results option, and if you want gifs, you'll have to first go to the emojis THEN search, THEN hit gifs.

And if the field you're typing in won't let you insert images, you can't even get those results.  On iOS you could still search, but instead of pasting the image you can paste the url for the image ... which is almost as handy.

On Android if you hit the little arrow for a result (on iOS it copies the URL) it launches a browser.

Don't get me wrong, this keyboard has replaced SwiftKey for me, but it's still got a ways to go.

I love how I can still use it as both English or French without switching anything.

It may not be perfect, but it's my pick of the litter.
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