Don't want to wait for Nougat on your Moto Z - DIY update

Thanks to +Jason Bouwmeester from the folks over at +TECHAERIS I'm now aware that if I no longer wanted to wait for Moto to update my Z via an OTA, I could just do it myself.

Jason and I often talk about how anxiously we're awaiting the update to the latest on our awesome devices and his latest share to me was to an XDA post from Prfndhatrdofman (let's see you pronounce that) that shows you how to flash your own Rogers update to the device.

To do it, you need an unlocked retail Moto Z (I forget if mine has the bootloader unlocked... don't want to go and wipe everything now if it isn't) and then you can flash the Rogers firmware.  Just follow the steps.

With the image available, that tells me the update is just around the corner.  Personally, I can wait.  I feel as though my flashing days are behind me.  Especially how I'd lose everything ... boo-urns to that.

I'll be patient.  But, if you're not, the option is right there!