Colouring book on Android for kids at the top of its game

Ever wanted to keep your kids quiet on a busy day? What about giving them the colouring book they need? I'm not talking the standard crayon and book type. Today's colouring alternative is done via the digital means and I really mean digital. Get them involved digitally early on!

ANDROID APP COLOROOS IS SAFE FUN FOR THE HOLIDAYS MONTRÉAL, QC, CANADA, DECEMBER 19, 2016: Rise Software, an up and coming software company based in Laval, Québec, has released version 1.0 of the Android-based Coloroos, a beautiful and safe drawing application that everyone will love.

Although the application is lots of fun, what separates it from the pack is that one of the main priorities of Coloroos is safety. There are absolutely no advertisements and the application does not have access to the internet in any way. Coloroos also has parental controls such as “Lock in Drawing” mode and “Notify when a user leaves” mode.

The application has three different canvas colours, the user has the choice between black, white or a random colour. Coloroos provides many drawing tools in a simple interface that any child can use. Its many random modes give young children a great feeling of creativity. The ability to save and share drawings will delight family members and social media.

There are also colouring books that can be downloaded directly from Google Play. These colouring books have a minimum of twenty-five pages and are full of drawings and simple games that every child will love. The application is available for free on Google Play.

A Christmas themed colouring book is also available on Google Play.

Complete information regarding Coloroos as well as Rise Software's other products can be found at and you can also follow their twitter stream at

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