AUKEY offers a really good portable option with 10000 mAh juice! What do you think?

I've reviewed several different types of portable chargers and for the most part, most haven't set well with me over their course. They usually are bulky and carrying one of those in your pockets can be a drag. While I could throw this into a backpack as a companion, sometimes I want to just put stuff in my pockets.

I think that AUKEY at this time is pretty verse and have listened to their customers over the years. This model seems to be about the size of my wallet and does sit comfortably in my pocket. Providing a whopping 10 000 mAh worth of power this baby can charge any smartphone up to 3 times.

It will surely charge your device at the max of its capacity, however, it doesn't provide Quick Charge or fast charge. If you're expecting to get that 50% in 10 minutes you might be disappointed. Within about 40 minutes you'll surely get about 50% worth of juice and if you let it charge completely you can expect this to be done in about 1h40 minutes on a 3200 mAh battery.

Look on the bright side, if you're out and about just keep it connected and in your pocket and in no time at all you'll be topped up.

The device offers 2 ports to charge from, LED display on the top to let you know what the power level of the battery is and a LED flashlight for those times you're out camping!

This is the convenient portable battery that everyone should have. On that note, I give a 5/5 for convenience, capacity, portability, usability and price coming in at $19.99 on Amazon Canada. Take note that the price is subject to change and at the time of the article this is the listed price.