Text messaging on Android shouldn't leave you in the dust with no options!

I've been finding alternative text messaging clients on Android to test and see how well they performed and by using them for extensive periods of time. The best thing about this is that I can do this on a couple of devices, so I'm not just limited to testing with one device. I've played with AWsms, Disa, Chomp, EvolveSMS and the likes. I've come back to Textra for a few reasons.

Textra has been one of those GOTO apps that plenty of people are using. It's light, efficient, fast and it bolsters quite a lot of features. You can't go wrong using Textra on any Android device. Where it becomes an issue for the moment is with the "Heads-Up" notification that doesn't offer direct replies. I think at this stage in the game other applications have made the implementation of such feature and I'm hopeful that this will be in a release of Textra shortly.

While I think this is a must in terms of feature now with Nougat around the corner for plenty of you, I think Textra is still ahead of the game with everything else it offers.

It's also good to remind oneself, that applications are subject to personal preference, whereas I like Textra, someone else could hate it.

Textra offers a Dark, Light, Black mode that one can choose from. This gives it whatever appearance you want. The "all Black" appeals to me as it's less hard on the eyes and with the choices in Bubble colours with some accent choices gives it an edge that others don't. While I prefer to keep Black/Blue (which reminds me of the Holo time on Android) it really feels much more normal than having white background apps, which seems to just consume more battery at times.

I could delve into the different options that one can choose from, but from this end, it's clear that Textra is a keeper. In the meantime, I'll keep an eye out on some other interesting texting app and see if they are able to bring something new.


What text messaging app (SMS) are you using? I'd like to know what's been your go to!