QardioArm - a simple blood pressure monitor

Sometimes there's numbers we look at when we're going jogging or trying to get 'fit' again ... we look at our pace of our jog.  We look at the distance we go per week, etc...

But there are some numbers we should not ignore.  Now, I'm no doctor, but getting more data is always an important thing no matter what we're trying to do.

One of those numbers is our blood pressure.  This has been something my father's been telling me I should watch for years.  Although he's always been very healthy, run, jogged, biked to work just about every day, he ended up having a heart attack because of a condition I might just inherit that has us at risk for heart conditions.  I won't bore you with the details of our heart history, but needless to say, he's always advised I get it checked out and make sure I'm aware.

To that end this QardioArm is just perfect.  I may not like what numbers it says, but knowing is half the battle.

The QardioArm is a tiny little accessory, that's no bigger than a bluetooth speaker, and the neat thing of it was that it just turns on as soon as you unravel the arm cuff (it does so with some magnets).

Once you've downloaded the app it pairs to the device pretty quickly (and what's neat is that my wife has downloaded the app on her phone and can use it with her phone and her account from Qardio as well) and will let you start measuring right away.  There's a switch to put it into a 'guest mode' where someone can get the measurement, it wont' interfere with your data and what's cool is that it can send their details to them after.

Taking a measurement is fairly quick (if the 'start' isn't green, just bring it close to the white part on the band and it connects quickly) and relatively painless (sometimes those ones at the pharmacies are really tight).

The app gives you instantly your 'over' readings (I really don't know what the numbers mean, I'm no doctor) and your heart rate.

After the reading it tells you what 'zone' you fall into (based on the World Health Organization).  As you'll see from mine, I fall typically into the Grade 1 Hypertension (something that makes my mom ask me "well, what are you going to do about it, are you going to your doctor?" after hearing what it was), but got one that was just in the 'high-normal' readings.

And then you can look at all your data, and see how the chart looks, and you can give each reading a note (like "after a run", "relaxing weekend", etc...) and even label the location between work and home or doctors, etc...

Then you can even set reminders to remind you to take your daily/weekly/etc... reading.

All in all it's a great little accessory, and something that if you're at all concerned about your health - neatest of all you can set up the app to include your physician's info, and I'm assuming email them the data for their perusal (if they do that sort of thing... I can imagine it might be a little annoying on their end).