Origin is a mix of old and new for the smartwatch

There's a lot of folks that I show my watch to, that they just shun that 'fancy tech' and would prefer a plain ol' traditional watch.

Well the Grayton folks have come up with a device that marries a fancy analog watch with some smart features built into the strap.

So what happens is they embed the 'features' into the strap of the watch.

Essentially these features include bluetooth controls for your music or accepting/rejecting calls, and vibrating during your phone ringing (it didn't say if it would vibrate for other notifications).

Additionally it will incorporate some activity sensors, so that you can find out how much you've walked, etc...

Even neater still, to not have some unsightly 'port' on the watch, there's the USB plug concealed that if you fold back the flap, it can plug straight into a USB port.

Now, it's in it's Early Bird phase, meaning that you'd only pay $200USD for the watch right now (regular pricing should be $400USD).

A little pricey for my blood, but that watch does look pretty shmexy... so for some they may see it as already attractive.

Source:  IndieGoGo