Google's new Daydream View available Nov 10

So, back a while ago when Google held their #madebygoogle event and they announced the Pixel, they also announced a couple of other items.

One of which was their Daydream View.  A stylish VR viewer made of denim and with a 'wand' device to help you navigate within the VR setting.

It's very neat, but we hadn't heard anything about it since.  Well, now we know that the day before Remembrance Day you can see about getting yours:

Instead of just ordering from the website, Google is also sending it out to some companies to have in store.  From the blog, for us Canadians:

Canada: Bell, Rogers, Telus, Best Buy; $99 (CAD)
I've been able to review the LG 360VR and the Weveer and I just love VR.  But it's always had some difficulty in how you navigate, so hopefully this new little handle/remote that it comes with will help with that.

The other issue is the content.  But from what they have on the site, it's an amazing amount of content to stroll through.

So, are you interested in the VR that's #madebygoogle ?

Source: The Keyword (Google's blog)