Burrito Bison Launcha Libre game review [video]

Cover artSometimes games just need to be simple.

Years ago there used to be a game that we used to play in the staff lounge while killing time between periods or whatever.

It was simple.  We could all take turns, and it was a short game for each person and it was mindless fun.

Well, one of the modern iterations of this game is Burrito Bison Launcha Libra ... and it's living up to its predecessors.

The game has you 'launch' a luchador in a ring against some opponent, who then flies off of that opponent to squash gummy bears and a variety of other 'baddies'.  Slowly but surely, whatever the luchador hits slows him down and then stops.

Points are tallied and money is doled out.

The money buys upgrades and gets you to go faster next time, or get more bonuses (some of the different baddies out there can either make you go faster, or slow you down).

+Martin Guay had asked me how it keeps me coming back, and I think that's the main bit that keeps me coming back.

Just when you find yourself going as far as you can (there's like these 'levels' that separate the field by big cakes, and you need to be going a specific speed to break through the cookie wall, and then slowly eat bits of the cake so it doesn't slow you down the next time you get through, then break through the next cookie layer) ... you end up having enough money to buy an upgrade which puts you just a little bit further.

Or... you get a new bonus like 2x gold collection, and it's only for a limited time (so you don't want to waste that).

Anyways, just a great time killer and some mindless enjoyment out of it.  Only downside is that the Google Play Games integration is just for achievements and not the purchases (I'm assuming actual IAP will follow), but upgrades and lucahdors don't follow.

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