The Backbeat PRO 2 from Plantronics is smashing some sound barriers!


"Plantronics is a leader in this field. It's not surprising that they'd innovate and bring something different than the previous version. Over the next little while, I'll be putting these to the test and you'll have a full feel of what I think of them."


Best-in-class over-the-ear Bluetooth® headphones enhance every moment with Plantronics signature audio performance, streamlined design and up to 24 hours of continuous wireless streaming

Santa Cruz, Calif. – Oct. 18, 2016 Plantronics (NYSE: PLT), a pioneer in audio and wearable technology, today unveiled the BackBeat PRO 2. Packed with more premium features than any other wireless headphones in their class, the over-the-ear Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 create an oasis of personal space wherever you go with just the touch of a button, all for $199.99 USD. BackBeat PRO 2 is available now worldwide.

“More people than ever are ready to cut the cord and take their audio experience wireless but are concerned they may have to compromise on the audio quality of their music and their ability to listen for long stretches at a time. BackBeat PRO 2 was designed with these consumers in mind,” said Tanguy Leborgne, Vice President, Consumer Solutions, Plantronics. “It's on-demand active noise-cancellation, 24-hour battery life, and Plantronics signature audio technologies mean you can immerse yourself in the rich bass, crisp highs and natural mid-tones of your favourite track at the touch of a button, whether you’re at the office, commuting, at home or on a long flight.” 

Delivering a high-quality, full-range listening experience, BackBeat PRO 2 turns any moment into a refuge from a noisy world. On-demand active noise cancellation (ANC) means you can minimise background noise when needed while working or travelling, and switch to open-listening mode to hear announcements, conversations or your environment without removing your headphones.   

BackBeat PRO 2 provides the ultimate in wireless freedom with Class 1 Bluetooth for an impressive 100-meter range when paired with a Class 1 Bluetooth device. Plantronics smart power management technologies give you up to 24 hours of continuous listening time on a single charge, up to 21 days of standby power, and up to six months of DeepSleep hibernation if inadvertently left on. 

Built on the heritage of the award-winning BackBeat PRO, BackBeat PRO 2 features a streamlined design with a
35 percent decrease in size and 15 percent reduction in weight from the previous generation model. Along with new ear cups for better ergonomics and ear coverage, a flexible ear cup mount, and a headband and yoke that distribute weight evenly around the wearer’s head, the design of BackBeat PRO 2 means a comfortable fit during even the longest listening sessions. 

Additional BackBeat PRO 2 features include:
       Smart sensors that automatically pause or resume your music as you remove or put on your headphones  
       Multi-device connectivity to connect up to two devices simultaneously and easily switches between your smartphone and tablet for music, movies and calls
       Built-in dual mics to enable you to jump into clear phone calls right from your headphones 
       Travel-ready design with fold-flat ear cups and a protective sleeve 
       Included 3.5mm cable for in-flight entertainment and the ability to plug in to keep enjoying your music in the unlikely event that you run out of battery

Pricing and Availability

BackBeat PRO 2 will be available in black and tan at authorised Plantronics retailers for $199.99 USD. A special edition BackBeat PRO 2 SE with NFC pairing, more premium finishes and a hard travel case will be available in graphite grey at authorised Plantronics retailers for $249.99 USD. For more information, visit

Plantronics Award-Winning BackBeat Family

BackBeat PRO 2 headphones are the latest member of the BackBeat family of wireless stereo products from Plantronics. Other BackBeat stereo Bluetooth headphones include BackBeat FIT, waterproof[1] and sweatproof wireless sport headphones that meet the IP57 rating featuring a unique, safety-oriented design and a stable fit regardless of activity level; BackBeat GO 3, wireless stereo earbuds designed from the ground up, and ear out, to provide vivid, high-res audio quality and sound performance; the critically acclaimed BackBeat SENSE, smart on-ear wireless headphones with sensor technology; and BackBeat 100 Series, hybrid neckband wireless headphones with an ultra-light design for easy all-day wear. Each features the ability to make phone calls in addition to enjoying music, as well as the quality, durability, comfort and best-in-class experience that customers have come to expect from Plantronics.