Out of Montreal Canada GET is being launched! What is it?

The first truly portable 24-bit wireless headphone amplifier

Just in time for jack-less smartphones, the Hi-Fidelity amplifier is made in Canada by Bluewave

Montréal, Canada - October 25, 2016 - Bluewave, a Canadian consumer audio company launched today GET, the first truly portable 24-bit wireless high-fidelity headphone amplifier in North America. With its elegant design and powerful amplification, GET is the perfect solution for music lovers wanting to use their wired headphones with the recent jack-less smartphones from Apple and other brands and enjoy high-quality sound while benefiting from wireless technology. GET is ultra-compact (45mm x 22mm x 10 mm) and weighs only 30 grammes. Get can turn any home sound system into a high-performance wireless audio platform.

“Headphones will sound better when plugged into GET than when connected directly to a smartphone. GET’s well-designed amplification circuit enables users to hear the full potential of their headphones, something today’s smartphones just can’t do, as their integrated audio outputs were designed for earbud devices,” says Pierre Lelièvre, Bluewave’s co-founder and Head Engineer.

GET is easy to use: plugging the headphone connector, pairing it with any Bluetooth-enabled source and enjoying music with the highest level of clarity. Once paired, users can answer phone calls thanks to the integrated high-quality MEMS microphone, control music with the play/pause/shuffle buttons and adjust the volume without ever having to handle their phone.

GET supports all existing Codecs for Bluetooth transmission, including AAC, AptX and the upcoming 24-bit AptX-HD.

“GET is made in Canada with the highest quality standards, says Stephane Lepage, co-founder and Head of Design. “We are very proud and look forward to a worldwide distribution in 2017,” adds Lepage.

GET is available today for pre-order on Indiegogo.com at an introductory price of $59 USD ($78 CAD).

Indiegogo: https://igg.me/at/bw

As of right now this device is making huge rounds in Asia and Europe!