Moto mod - Style Shells

We've always said the greatest thing about Android is that you get to make it your own.  Whether it's the desktop layout, widgets, launchers, notification sounds, etc...

But, with the Moto Z / Z Play you have the option to change the backs and have some style.

Sure, you can have it 'bare', it's cool, but the Moto Z is VERY thin and could use a little something to help give it some extra flair in the form of the Style Shells.  Sure, you could buy extra cases ... but then it might be hard to swap the mods, so the shells are just perfect.

Currently the mods they have are running at $30CDN each, and in the Z box you get the wooden, and I was given the red fabric in my review package.

I love the red fabric.  Feels 'real'.  And it's a little thinner than the wooden one, even though there isn't much depth added with it.

There's a few others you can get, like different wood grains, leather or fabrics, you can see a few at the US site.

You may spend $30 on a decent case for your phone, but these are made specifically for the Moto Z lineup and the mods and they snap off very easily.  Sure, it will not fall of at all no matter how much you shake or try to shear it, but it really doesn't take much effort to pop off (compared to the heavier mods like the speaker or Insta-share).

I think you'll like them.  I know I do.