Moto Z versus the Z Play (specs and features)

So, I've written up my reviews of both the Moto Z and the Z Play.  But how do they stack up against each other in terms of specs and features.

How do they stack up on paper?  Well, here's the basic specs

Moto Z
Moto Z Play
ProcessorSnapdragon 820
2.2GHz x4
Snapdragon 625
2.0GHz x8
Camera13MP f/1.8
5MP f/2.2 (1.4um)
16MP f/2.0 (1.3um)
5MP f/2.2 (1.4um)
OtherSuper thin
nanocoating for splash protection
(no IP rating tho')
no headphone jack
comes with wood style shell
comes with plastic bumper
nanocoating for splash protection
(no IP rating tho')

So there's definitely some differences there.  QuadHD vs. FullHD.  I know I've talked about it before that I see the difference, whereas most do not.

There's the battle of the Snapdragons, and as you saw in my Play review, it didn't make a difference.  Same with the RAM.

The cameras... well, you saw the samples, and I'm hoping to have a separate article reviewing each, doing a shot for shot comparison.

Battery, well, it's no comparison there.  But, sure.  The Play lasts a long time, but with the Z I never once complained about a short life (plus with TurboCharge, a few minutes and I won't have to worry).

Price is the big differentiator.  Saving $250 is pretty tempting.  But it comes at a cost ... and for me it's the bulk.  The Z Play is just that much larger ... and it sounds like such a first world problem, that I'd be willing to shell out extra money for a thinner phone.

But then there's the other bonuses.

Sure, I didn't see any performance difference, but knowing 4GB will get me a bit further into the future than 3GB will be a nice settling point.

Plus, with the Z I'll be getting a free Style Shell mod, and a bumper case (if you like that sort of thing).

And then there's the  added feature like the Driving Mode, which I couldn't seem to find on the Play model.

It may just be me, but I have the sense that the Z would be 'treated' more in the long run than the Play model might.  But that's just a hunch.

So it comes down to what you think will happen in the future.  If you're buying the phone for the long haul I'm thinking you're going to want to pay the extra; but if it doesn't make much difference to you, and you just want your phone to work then the Play will still be a very good choice.  

Personally, after the week with the Play I'm happy to go back to the Z just as it fits in my pocket better.