iLuun Air - the USB key you don't have to plug in for your phone

Recently, +Martin Guay had covered a neat little wireless USB stick, the SanDisk Connect.  Well, it looks like there's a new option up on KickStarter at the moment by a company called iLuun Air.

Now the separator (as it does look like it would be a little more expensive than SanDisk) is that it looks like it can support multiple devices at the same time.

That would be great for me around the house as I still haven't figured out how to set up my media network to share files amongst our devices.

The site says that it could support up to 6 users at one time, or 3 using 3 different files at the same time.

That's pretty useful.

It seems everything is going wireless... no more headphone cables, and no more storage ports.  Love it!

Here's the listed perks