If you need heavy duty, compliant and quality USB-C & USB-A cable go VOLUTZ!

In my never-ending searches for accessories, I went ahead with a company called Vulutz. They offer charging cables that provide USB-C to USB-C and from USB-A to USB-C in a dual pack. I wanted to put a different brand to the test. Noted from the image above, you can see the dual housing which increases durability. Adding a braided feel to the cable increases its longevity.

The connectors on these cables have been certified by USB-IF and also by a 3rd party lab for compliance with USB-C specification. While there's a lot of different cables out there, not all of them are compliant and they can actually damage your devices. Volutz mentions a thick copper core for low resistance will yield more power in a shorter amount of time. I'm not sure if this is true or not, as it hasn't changed or impacted my charging time which remains about the same as other cables I've used.

The cable can take some punishment, it's definitely been engineered to withstand a lot of abuse and this yields maximum use for you over the long run. You might not need to replace the cable at all during your lifetime use of it. A couple of years maybe? With the Slim-Tip, only 4.75mm compared to standard 5.5mm tips, Nylon jacketed & it includes size-adjustable strap organiser, it would be crazy not to try them out.

When it comes to using USB-C, with the newer standard you can reach some interesting data transfer speed, if your device is able to go to those speeds, at a whopping 480Mbps when transferring a large amount of data. Who really does transfer data over a USB cable now a day? If you're like me, you've set yourself up to transfer wirelessly on your Wi-Fi at home.

They take pride in what they provide to consumers and they even let know:
"Volutz® DO NOT sell re-branded generic products. All Volutz® products are engineered by Volutz® and certified by 3rd party labs to ensure the highest safety and best-in-class performance & durability."

You can also enjoy a 2-year warranty and a lifetime product support. It's awesome to know they've got your back.

This is the set I purchased from Amazon Canada $17.14 CAD. I know the price is kind of weird, however, the product is excellent. You can check out what other gadgets I've been playing with over @ www.cryovex.com.