iClever wireless speaker IC-BTS04 [review]

Who doesn't like music?  We subscribe to streaming services, watch mixes / playlists on Youtube - and sometimes we can find places where we don't have to listen to them on our headphones and want to fill the space with some sound.

Today I'm letting you see my thoughts on the iClever BTS04 wireless speaker.  This makes for a really nice office speaker, it's small, will easily fill an office space and can double as a speakerphone.  It's the perfect desk companion.  And it's under $40 (regular $100 on sale right now for $36)

So, to start off, it's 5W of sound, unfortunately not stereo, but still not bad for the size of the unit.  It can thump some quality out of it and push some volume without really any noticeable distortion.

Using the device is fairly straight forward the big round button with the "|" shape on it is the power, pair it up with your phone and then you have the standard buttons for operation, play/pause and then prev/Vol- and next/Vol+.  More on that in a bit.

There's another button, the Bluetooth pairing / phone call - because next to the controls there's a microphone 'hole' so that this can act as a speakerphone - like I said, perfect for the desktop companion in your office.  Listen to music and then use it for a speakerphone when a call comes in.

Now, what's weird to me is that for bluetooth headphones, I get why you double volume/next buttons because of the space... but to do the same on a bigger speaker is a little weird.  To get it to skip, just hit the button once, to change the volume, hold the button for a second or so and it'll gradually change.  I just wish that they had separate buttons.

On the side of the unit is the microUSB port and the 1/8" jack input.

Charging it up should net you about 10hrs of playback (1800mAh).

And while you're using it, you can feel a little more secure, knowing that the device has IPX5 rating.  That doesn't mean you can drop it in the tub, but should you spill a little water or coffee on it at your desk, it'll be fine.

Overall, for the price it's got a really good sound that you'll be satisfied with.  If you're in the need for some good sound, this is one for you.

Source:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01DIKSGHM

some of the extras, should you need it

specs:  5W / 1800mAh (10hrs) / IPX5