iClever BoostCube - charge multiple devices from one wall port

So, it's inevitable, more and more of our everyday items we use are going to be needing to be recharged, and most of that recharging is done via a USB cable these days.

Charging all of these devices up means finding plugs and ports and cables.  My night stand I have my work phone, my phone, my watch and then I usually like to have one spare for charging at least one of my many accessories (speakers, headphones, etc...).  For my night stand I use the iClever 6 port hub.  But what about when we're at the couch, and my son wants to charge and so do I?  Well, we could both use hte one plug, but then making sure the wall chargers don't interfere with each other, and then we're also unplugging a lamp.  Or, one of us could move... What is this... the stone age?

So, I was sent by iClever a couple of their BoostCubes to help alleviate the stress of finding a wall port that's not already taken.

I got the TC02 and the TC04

So pretty much as you can guess, the TC04 (pictured above) has 4 ports, and the TC02 (pictured below) has 2 ports (and alice the camel has 1 hump... sorry)

The price difference is that the 2 port is $11USD and the 4 port is $20USD.  Definitely the 2 is going in my living room to support 2 folks at a time, and then the 4 porter is going in my travel bag.  Interesting that on the site for the 2 port, it says lifetime warranty!

Now, the only downside to this is that you'll need to get 2-4 cables.  Sure, they're cheap online, but with some of the concerns over USB-C standards it can get a little expensive to have a bunch of spares.

Also, with where the wall ports usually are, you may be in need of a longer cable.  Where my night stand is in my room, the standard little 3 foot would be a little taut, plus having 4 cables coming out may look a little messy, so finding a way to do proper cable management would be important (I'm pretty picky when it comes to that).

But, what I do like about both of them is they have a little light to let you know it's working.  Sometimes that light is a teeny tiny little LED that you can only see from certain angles.  With this it's an LED INSIDE the device that's a nice soft blue glow.  Nothing overpowering for when it's on at night, but you can still tell it's working.

These 2 are not QC enabled, so it'll charge fast, but not as fast as RapidCharge or TurboCharge, if you're used to that.  So, be prepared to pay a little more for that (there's the QC02 with QC3 for $17USD).

All in all, a good cost effective accessory that's great for living rooms or travel bags!

Source: iclever.com