CHOETECH 2 Pack [4ft/1.2M] Premium TPE USB-C to USB-A Cable with 56k ohm

CHOETECH has become one of Android Coliseum's go to when it comes to accessories. You've seen me post numerous products from them and for good reasons. They take quality seriously when it comes to the products they present to the consumers. Premium TPE flat jacket cable that comes in a 2 pack and it clearly states that they have the proper 56k ohm resistor.

The following flat jacket cable from CHOETECH is Eco-Friendly made from recyclable material it also can handle colder temperature than most. It also has a good resistance against ageing due to the sunlight UV and exterior environment.

I've had several of their accessories and I can't stress enough how much I've enjoyed all of them. I haven't had any problems with any of them in the years I've used CHOETECH products. Of course, this experience can vary from person to person.

In keeping current, the Type C to USB-A device makes this cable universally compatible with current standards. Whether you need to use this with a desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone. With keeping in-line with the current Type C specification, CHOETECH has made sure that the added 56k ohm resistor was present.

You'll be able to get the maximum output of 2.4A from this cable as well using it for data which can deliver up to 480 Mbps rate.

Since this cable is extremely durable you won't have to worry about replacing it down the line. The unibody of the connectors is composed of a sleek Zinc allow design which is more durable than the average plug. You'll be happy to know that you'll get 4 foot worth of cable with each one of them. Allowing for maximum reach.

Since CHOETECH is that confident in their product they have their 18 months warranty and their staff is really easy to work with if you need to have something replaced.

I've seen reports that the cable doesn't go all the way in. Here's a news flash, it's not supposed to. I've had no trouble with these cables. Some devices have deeper ports than others. I'll demonstrate with the Nexus 6P:

Click on the image to see a larger picture.

The cables are offered on Amazon Canada at the low cost of $17.99 and there's no shipping cost!

Why grab yourself a pair? They look nice, feel nice and work right the first time.

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