Camera shootout - Moto Z / Z Play / LG G5

So, in order to further compare the Z and the Z Play (I reviewed some basic differences here) I thought we'd do just a camera comparison.

And then to compare it against one of my favourite cameras, the LG G5.

Again, this is to help you decide between either the Z or the Z Play, as there's a $250 difference, and so far there's not been much difference.

Okay, so I took all 3 phones out to try a few shots on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  You tell me what you think was the winner.

In case Blogger makes the photos look a little wonky, here's the link to the Album:

So, I'm going to try to do it in order of Z / Z Play / G5

Which do you think was better?  It was funny to see my answer flip flop back and forth.

So the Z was a little blurry, the Z5 was great and the G5 a little over exposed with yellowish tinge.

This was a close call actually, but I'm going to give it to the G5

The Z again was a little dark, the Z Play was really good, and the G5 was a little yellow, but I think a little more true to life and keeping most focus.

I am going to give the Z Play actually the nod here, as I found it to be the best for exposure.

For me the G5 was the best balance overall and for definition

Tough again, but I'm going to say the Z Play

Here the Z Play looked a little smokey, and zooming in it is really noisy.  The G5 has the best clarity for my eye, although the Z has some nice strong detail.

Now all of these failed to capture the orange that I saw of this photo, but again the Z Play had a good balance of detail and contrast.

For me, the Z was the winner here with nice sharpness and good exposure.

Overall... it's tough to say a clear winner.  What is clear is that the Zs do have more noise in areas indoors with less light, but then where the G5 was better in those scenarios, the light turned very yellow (now, keep in mind that everything was shot in an automatic mode and you could with any of these play with the settings so you can get it how you want).

What was really hard was trying to really compare apples to apples, as composure makes up a lot of how it's exposed and focused, so there's a few you can see the focus wasn't the same, which affects the overall exposure and feel of the photo.

What do you think?  Which was the winner?