BE Sport3 from NuForce made for the active lifestyle- But does it sound good?

This is my first go at an Optoma product and in this case it's the NuForce BE Sport3. While I've been testing plenty of Bluetooth headphones from on-ear, to over the hear, I decided to take a crack at something which is more affordable for most of us. While I do like the high-end experience, I realised that it's also a good idea to bring forth products that will fit in almost everyone's price range.

While listening to the BE Sport3 I found that the low end of the experience, when it went to low, gave some distortion on some songs. Being that I listen to a lot of EDM I understood ahead of time that my experience would be a midrange experience in terms of sound quality. I actually expected this to be a worst experience than what I got. I was quite impressed at how low it went when the bass was really picking up. This is definitely an unexpected "wow".

While this can be said of the bass, while listening to the midrange of the different songs I was presented with I did notice that the mids were pushed a bit higher than I would have liked, however, depending on the genre of music the mids were usually pretty stable and very nice. Having the option to equalise the frequency I might have adjusted this so slightly to get better perceptions.

On the higher notes of some of these, I found that it cracked or distorted a bit too much for my taste. Again this is all base on personal experience and someone might feel that this is perfect and that the sound is excellent for them. I will give some credits where it's due, while the highs were a pushed, I did enjoy the clear EDM that did hit these highs.

Vocals were seamless or maybe I should say they felt as if I was listening to someone across from me in the office. My overall experience with NuForce BE Sport3 is a good one and for that matter.

Lightweight, durable design and custom ear tips keep them securely in place no matter how vigorous your workout – without the distraction of wires. In addition, wireless means a future fit to smartphones that don’t include an audio jack. The BE Sport3 offer an IP55 rating which translates to; Rain, sweat and dust resistant.

It's advertised that you can replace the current tip the with "Spin Fit Twinblade", however, I personally found them too small and they wouldn't fit well for my ears. This is something you'll have to play with for yourself. With all the interchangeable part, you'll surely find the right fit for you to enjoy these.

The BE Sport3 are a nice alternative to what you'll find in-store. They are meant for the people who are active and need to keep focus while exercising. While it has a lot going for it, I tend to find the price point $79 a bit on the high side for a midrange pair of in-ear headphones. I would feel more comfortable paying $69.99 for this pair. Although this is only a $10 price difference, I think it reflects better on this device.

The Optoma NuForce BE Sport3 are getting a solid 4 out of 5 from me.

Interested in purchasing? You can visit the Optoma site.