According to Australia - the G5 will get Nougat in November

So, I've really enjoyed the G5.  It's snappy, has a great camera and is just the perfect sweet spot for size.  And according to the Australian carrier Optus, the device will be next in line to get Android Nougat 7.0 (tho' I'm hoping they mean 7.1).

That would be a nice feather in the cap for LG as it'll be the first official update after Google's own line up of Nexus devices.  Sure, there's rumblings of the Moto G4 Plus getting it in India, but that's yet to be seen ... and then we have to consider what will happen on these shores.  In Canada the updates tend to come way after anybody else (except for LG they tend to be pretty quick).

So, I'll be checking the update option on my device in just a few more days.


Source: Optus via PhoneArena