ZTE Axon 7 OTA Update

 ZTE pushed an OTA update for the Axon 7 yesterday, and boy what an update it was!

The OTA update came out just days after I published my Axon 7 review, which you can FIND HERE.
Near the end of the review, I made a list of everything I didn't like about the Axon 7. Well, ZTE clearly has been listening to everyone, because nearly all my dislikes have been addressed and fixed.
Here's the changelog for the OTA A2007UV1.0.0B27.
1. Group text messaging feature added
2. Android security patches updated through September 1st, including the infamous Qualcomm Quadrooter flaws
3. RF performance and signal bar indicator optimization
4. New "Fast battery drain apps" feature to identify apps that are sucking the most battery
5. Overall battery life optimization
6. Camera improvements, including general focus enhancements
7. Numerous minor enhancements and bug fixes
I've been using my Axon 7 all evening and following morning and clearly noticed many of these changes.

  • Security patch is now updated to September 1st, which is amazing, and earlier than many other OEMS
  • The weak WiFi and Carrier signal has been addressed, instead of getting 2 bars less than my Galaxy S7, I'm nearly right on par. I've even tested the Signal strength, this isn't just some cosmetic change of the signal bar icon, it's actually faster and stronger.
  • The Axon 7 always had a feature to show you apps that drained more battery than your system thinks they really should, they just stepped it up another notch to be more informative about the matter, and even notify you now of said App(s).
  • Battery life seemed to be better, but only a full work day which I'm about to start will be the true test of that.
  • The Numerous Bug fixes and enhancements: Of course they give no description on this, but I can say so far some of the bugs I've personally encountered are gone
  • The Stock ZTE alarm clock wouldn't do Timers via Google Now voice command- FIXED
  • Dolby Atmos would sometimes turn itself off on a rare occasion - FIXED
  • Display Pedometer to count footsteps option, added to the lock screen.
  • Notification Light Option to stop the Charging light at Night
Those are the things I've noticed right away that have changed, and for the camera improvements.... Yeah, it has improved. It's still no match for the Samsung S7 Edge camera, but it really did make it nicer to use.

All in all, ZTE fixed just about every single thing I complained about in my AXON 7 Review and all I can say is, "Amazing Job ZTE". 
I'll be updating my review to reflect the OTA changes after work.

If you get an Axon 7, be sure to Smash that UPDATE NOW!! button, because this is one update you're going to want.