Samung updates the 8.4" TabS to Marshmallow

If you have the Samsung SM-T700 your Marshmallow update is on the way!

People like to complain that Samsung is slow to update but the TabS was released in July 2014 and still updated. It was the last year for 16:9 ratio on their high end products.

As you can see, they kept the feel of the S with the tabbed settings screen, the Tab S has the scrolling screen and the colour scheme hasn't changed. Most of the changes seem to be under the hood. I haven't been using it, I've passed it on to a family member and moved the the Tab S2, so I can't tell all the changes but it feels very smooth to fun and there have been no complaints about "things".

While some people look for more updates looks, many appreciate their device being essentially the same before and after an update. Samsung doesn't release monthly updates for tablets after they have been updated. My S2 is on the April patch.