Samsung Note 7 getting an OTA to let you know it's safe

If you have bought a Note 7 and are still hmm'ing and ha'ing about whether you should exchange it... you should just go ahead and do it.

Starting as of the 21st Canadians with the phone will be receiving an over the air update that will provide your device an indicator to let you know your device is 'safe'.  A green battery indicator will show.  If you had bought your device between the 'scary period' it'll tell you to go and exchange it via their Canadian Product Exchange Program.


So, if you need any other suggestions to go and take it in, Samsung is pushing it to your phone right now.

Sad that the green indicator has to be there, hopefully it's something that might eventually not need to be shown.  Ah well.

Software update to showcase Note7 device is safe for use
MISSISSAUGA, ONSept. 21, 2016 /CNW/ - Samsung Electronics Canada Inc. today confirmed that new software will be distributed via an automatic over-the-air update to all Canadian Galaxy Note7 devices starting on September 21.  The software will showcase a green battery icon that will clearly identify the device as a Galaxy Note7 replacement and will indicate that the product has been battery checked and is safe for use.
The user interface of the Galaxy Note7 replacement devices will include a green battery icon that will be visible on the 'Always On' display, notification bar as well as the 'Power Off' prompt screen. Canadian customers who see any of these three visual indicators can be assured their devices are safe to use. The software will also be pushed out to users who have a Galaxy Note7 device that was sold from August 19, 2016 through toSeptember 1, 2016.  Devices with the battery cell issue will receive a message that will advise the user to immediately power down and register for the Canadian Product Exchange. 
"Consumer safety is always our highest priority. This software update is intended to help consumers easily understand that they can use their new Galaxy Note7 with confidence," said Paul Brannen, COO and Executive Vice President of Samsung Electronics Canada. "We are urging Galaxy Note7 owners who purchased a device prior to September 1, 2016 to power down their devices and register for the Canadian Note7 Exchange Program, where users can quickly register for a new Galaxy Note7 device."
Working with Canadian carriers and retailer partners, Samsung has taken great care to provide affected consumers with the support they need to ensure their new Galaxy Note7 device is safe and secure. This software update will be distributed to Galaxy Note7 users who purchased a device from Samsung Canada or authorized resellers. The software update will be free of charge. 
Customers who have Galaxy Note7 devices sold between August 19th and September 1st, can exchange their device with a Galaxy Note7 replacement under the terms of the Canadian Product Exchange. Consumers are encouraged to visit for instructions on how to register for the Exchange process. Consumers experiencing any issues with their online registration can call 1-800-517-3507 to resolve any other questions or concerns.