[Review] Watch what cases you order for an Axon

So, I have a ZTE Axon, not the Pro, not the 7, but a regular Axon.  An A1R, something I should have noted before I went on to eBay.  The Pro and the Axon are nearly identical except for the QuadHD display and a slight spec bump.  But in terms of physical shape/size, identical.  So I just searched "ZTE Axon case" when I was online.  I want to give the phone to my son, but as he broke the last one, I want to make sure that's not going to happen with this one, so I needed a case.

The description I found was for the Axon Pro... so it should be and only $2... what the hell eh?  Here's what I purchased.  http://www.ebay.ca/itm/161890700973

Now, the tip off should have been that there was a spot for the fingerprint scanner.  In some models of the Pro out there, there is that option, I figured that when you have an option to choose model, maybe they just show the picture for one item, and others may look differently.

Sigh... this is why eBay should have 'reviews'.

What I got was exactly as pictured.

So what that there's a hole for a fingerprint, that goes to just the back of the device.

It wasn't until I tried to test it out that that wasn't the only other thing that didn't fit.

The volume keys are apparently in a different location.  Thankfully, my Scottish pride isn't about to let me waste anything and I had an exacto blade handy.

Now my son's case looks like this:

So, take it as my PSA to you... be forewarned in what you look up.  Use specific model numbers when  you can.


Source:  eBay