[Review] Mpow T11 FM Transmitter

It's the end of summer, and yet I've still got a couple road trips left to do with my ol' vehicle.  And nothing helps a long drive better than having good tunes to sing along to.

My vehicle doesn't have a CD player (well it does, but a CD is stuck in it) and has no line input ... so in order to get MY tunes on MY stereo, I need an FM transmitter.  I've reviewed a few in the past, but none I like more than this one.  Kinda put all the stuff I liked in the others into one unit.

It's the Mpow T11.  It's a tiny little thing.

Plug it into  your cigarette lighter spot (does anybody still use them to light their smokes?) and the little display lights up letting you know what frequency it's transmitting on and what the volume is, etc...

It's that simple.  Well, you do have to pair it up at first, but that's pretty straightforward on your phone.  After pairing you have pretty much only to hit the CH button on the display to bring up the frequency and use the dial to adjust to a station noone is using.

Then tune your car stereo to that station and play music on your phone and you're in business.  Use the knob again to adjust the gain / volume of what's going to the radio.

Getting the right mix of BT volume on your phone and volume of the transmitter and volume on your radio takes a bit of getting used to, but I usually stick to about 75% or so on each of the first 2 and then play with it on the car stereo.  That tends to minimize the background noise

While playing you can use the arrows to skip songs (if your player supports it) and then hit the phone button to play/pause the music.

You can use the phone button to answer phone calls as well (as you can see, just above it is a little mic 'hole' so it can help you with your speakerphone situation then (because we don't want any distracted driving).

The cool thing about this is that it has more than just the transmitter.  It can work with your phone via BT, another phone (or music device) via line input (1/8") or using a USB stick or even an SD card.

You switch between each of them using the "M" button.

Notice that there's 2 USB ports there?  Well, one is the reader and the other will output 2.1A of power (so not QC, but close).  I don't know if it can be switched around ... I didn't try it, but great that you get both options.  Especially if you only have one port in your car, you don't have to choose between tunes or charging your device (luckily I have 2).

Easiest thing is that once you're done, just unplug it and your phone unpairs and put it away.  My car is one of those where power stays on the CLA while even the vehicle's off.  So I don't want to have the display constantly showing (like a beacon to some would-be thief shouting "steal me").

Very nice little unit, as simple as it needed to be and small and has some bells and whistles as well for you.

And it's even on sale right now for 15% off, making it just $25.49CDN (until Sept 10), so go get it now (if you need it).

Source:  https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B01K4MU7AQ