My Re-Introduction - Tom Gray

 Hello Everyone!
This is my re-introduction to the Android blogging world.

My name is Tom Gray.
I'm a tech polygamist, I love both Android and Apple iOS and frequently swap between and use both worlds in my hands.
I try to avoid bias articles the best I can, and try to see everything from a neutral standpoint.

I'm a returning founding member of +Android Coliseum, as I've been on a 2 year leave to spend time with the Family, but now I'm back into the tech of things and itching the write.
I Started my blogging career with my google friend +Ryan Moore where we met by working together at, before making +Android Coliseum together with our team of writers today.

My interests lay within Android phones, hardware, accessories, and some interesting apps that are sometimes hidden under all the common Candy Crush and clash of clan clone apps, you'll notice most of my written articles will lean towards those directions.

I'm very social oriented to our followers, so feel free to ask questions and I always try to get back to everyone's requests to the best of my abilities

You can find me on Google+
or contact me directly at

I'm also on Facebook, but I tend to keep that family oriented, so please forgive me if I don't accept all friends requests and comments there.

Thank you for all your support for +Android Coliseum and I can't wait to communicate with you throughout our articles.