Motomods pricing for Canadians

I've been playing with the Moto family lately and all the Motomods, recently you'll have seen my review on the Insta-Share projector where I mentioned I loved it, but wasn't sure 100% on the price.

Well, our friends over at Moto have sent me the price list (they're still not listed on the website), and here they are:

Motostyle Shell
$ 29CDN
(available at Glentel, Bell, Rogers, & Telus)

Incipio offGrid Power Pack
$ 89CDN
(available at Glentel, Rogers, & Telus)

JBL SoundBoost
$ 99CDN
(available at Glentel, Bell, Rogers, & Telus)

Hasselblad True Zoom
(available at Glentel & Telus)

Insta-Share Projector
(available at Glentel, Bell, Rogers, & Telus)

So they are more expensive than a similar non-mod counterpart, but you don't get the cool 'wow factor' than with!

Now, just waiting to see the availability (i.e. when can you pick them up?)